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We are a pain and rehabilitation clinic specializing in the most up-to-date proven methods available in the world today in the fields of neuro-muscular function, biomechanics, muscular-skeletal postural alignment, sports-related injuries and neuroscience.  Our 30 years of expertise allows us to find solutions for your specific physical issues.

When you arrive at the clinic, one of our treatment specialists will greet you and walk you through the evaluation procedures.  In order to choose the best method to serve you, we review your current health status, medical and injury history, perform posture and gait analysis as well joint range of motion and muscle testing. We discuss all aspects of the evaluation with you, clearly explain our findings and recommendations and answer your questions.

The whole process is a partnership, where both your story and the evaluation procedures combine to create valuable insight necessary to defining the treatment process.

Chronic pain, such as sciatica, tendonitis (and more) are referred to us to balance the muscular system in order to relieve stress on joints and restore strength and endurance.  The results are amazing.

Sport injuries are also a very common reason to seek out our professional advice, and the methods of Muscle Activation Techniques rank high with our clients for stabilizing and balancing their muscular system.  Sprained ankles, knee pain, groin pulls are all common practice at our clinic.  Entire sports teams rely on us to get them back into action after injuries.  Biomechanical "tune-ups" are common for athletes to stay on top of their game.

People come from far and wide to see us, and we are honored at the reputation awarded to us by our clients. 

Please check out our Google Reviews!  All 5 Stars!

We look forward to meeting you. 

What is Muscle Activation Techniques™ ?


Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a technique using a systematic method of muscle testing and treatment methods to pin point and alleviate the source of muscular and joint dysfunction. 


Using Muscle Activation Techniques™, we address the muscle weakness that causes the tightness and pain symptoms.  When muscles are weak the joints that they support become unstable, creating collapse, compression, bone spurs, stenosis, calcium deposits, tendinitis, bursitis, etc..which are often all associated with pain.  We correct the imbalances causing the issues.


Call us to book a Muscle Activation Techniques™ consultation. 


Muscular imbalances are clearly identified with muscle testing
MUSCLE ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES™ works AGAIN! Muscle balancing complete, client can go home to EDMONTON, AB

She was in so much pain!

Her eyes said "help me", more than her words.


We had heard about Linda and her pain well over 1 month before she arrived in Montreal to visit her family. 


Travelling the world during retirement was the plan, but pain in her lower limbs and hips meant less walking, no hiking and extra planning for the trips.  Taking so much effort just to get around infringed on Linda's enjoyment of these excursions, as maneuvering through airports was becoming  increasingily difficult. 


Could Montreal Muscle Activation help?  Yes.


The evaluation clearly revealed a musculoskeletal imbalance as seen in the photos above.  With precision, the muscular weaknesses were identified mostly in her back and shoulders and using the non-invasive Muscle Activation Techniques methods, a balanced posture and correct spinal alignment was reinstated.  Pain was simply gone.


The "Thank you" was accompanied by a deep sigh of relief and a smile.


Funny thing is, the reason the client sought out our services was for the pain she felt in her hips and knees, not her back.  We needed to perform very little work with the hips and knees for her pain; our focus was on the weakness of her spinal and shoulder muscles causing the hip and knee pain.  Contrary to popular belief, the painful area is rarely the origin of the problem. It is instead compensating for weakened or impaired muscle(s), resulting in tension and pain in another area. 


The magic is finding the imbalances causing the issues.  Correct the root of the problem and the problem corrects itself.  This is where we distinguish ourselves from traditional medicine, in that it tends to focus primarily on the painful area, while we consider the pain within a greater context: the whole body.


Linda is once again travelling the world, and we look forward to seeing her again the next time she is in town!

Sports Related Injuries

Stephanie Graddon came into the clinic after 1 month of using crutches for a foot fracture.

An athlete rarely stops DURING an event and that's even more true for a marathon.  In true athletic fashion, Stephanie chose to finish the race with the peroneus longus tendon in spasm, which in turn created a fixed foot. The pounding of her foot on the pavement resulted in a stress fracture to the heel.


Stephanie went to get an MRI which clearly showed the stress fracture.  Crutches were prescribed, but after a month the foot was still too painful to walk on.  One session was all it took at our clinic (we cannot guarantee such results every session) and Stephanie WALKED out of the clinic carrying her crutches.


The common question is: "can I run now?".  The answer was a firm: "NO.  Let's see if the treatment will last.  I recommend you perform general daily activities (minus the running) for a week".  A follow-up appointment was scheduled for 1 week later.  Stephanie is back to running.  No more pain. 


BOOYA Stephanie!  I love seeing your facebook page with all the racing photos and metals you receive!  We'll keep you running for as long as you want to keep doing it.


PAIN can be caused by Exercise

Right shoulder drop corrected

Fitness enthusiasts and professionals seek out our help when a muscular imbalance causes pain or interferes with their ability to train.


Above, we see Mike's shoulder-related injury from a bench pressing session at the local gym.  The shoulder impingement was painful, and his trainer recommended he seek our assistance.  A few sessions later, Mike's training was back on track!

PAIN can be caused by STRESS

Stress can affect us in many negative ways such as memory loss, confusion and physical pain.

We all know that neck pain, back pain, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, headaches and even stomach aches can all derive from stress at work, home, school and relationships.


NEUROSCIENCE (Brain Gym™ and Touch for Health™ methods) help the everyday person deal with the stress and physical pain from negative life events (job loss, leftover feelings from divorce, aging parents becoming ill, etc...). These methods WORK.  The feeling of being overwhelmed disappears, and with that, so does physical pain manifested by stress.


Don't just manage your stress, get rid of it with neuroscience methods.


Individual consultations are AMAZING, and we also host workshops for the general population to learn these incredible techniques such as the popular workshop "10 Exercises to REDUCE or REMOVE the stress response ". 


Everyday stressors are minimized with Neuroscience. 



 Prescriptive Exercises – tailored to your needs


The effectiveness of an exercise is dependant upon the precision inwhich it is carried out.  We are the masters of movement and this is key in helping you be the master of YOUR movement.  Power, strength, agility, balance are all part of the treatment process. 


You’re in Good Hands!

We provide customized exercise to suit your needs, Pilates methods for core stability, and specific exercise for re-aligning the muscular system to help relieve joint and muscle pain.  Strength is key to long term health.

Take Charge of Your Health


Whether you'd like to focus on preventative care for your back or general fitness, our extensive expertise will help you meet your goals with confidence and we help you understand the process.  It is after all - YOUR BODY.

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