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Wendy, Not only you do amazing work, you write beautifully too, AND you are a great public speaker.! you amaze me every time!! xx  Fotini Makridis

Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer


After 2 treatments with Wendy, I went to yoga and was able to do warrior 1 and 2 with ease and NO PAIN!!! I got a round of  applause from my classmates! Wendy, thank you for all your help.  
Catherine Noye



Wendy Kennedy evaluating pelvic alignment

A quick e-mail to thank you for the treatment. I don't if it's what you said or done or both, but I'm going "forward" instead of "staying at the same place". So a BIG thank you to you Wendy!
Josée Bernier

Brandy Ashton

Brandy hired you as a Health Professional hired you more than once                              

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“Wendy is truly an expert in her field.  I have seen her many times for Muscle Activation Techniques to assist me when in pain or when I had limited mobility.  She was able to assess, and treat me with incredible results so that I was able to perform my physical job without a large period of downtime due to injury.  It is obvious that her client's well being is of paramount importance to her. Thanks Wendy!” 


I had pain in my wrist.  I went to my doctor who sent me for x-rays.  The x-rays showed mild arthritis in my fingers.  My doctor said there was nothing she could do and suggested I take Tylenol and possibly physio might help.  I went for physio until my insurance was about to run
out.  By that time it was determined that my problem was tendonitis so I saw the GP who specializes in sports injuries.  He brushed me off and gave me a referral to a surgeon who would “most likely perform a little surgery to cut the tendon!”  I threw away the referral and went to see Wendy.   After six or seven sessions my wrist is fully functional and pain free. 
I tell all my friends who complain of aches, pains and stiffness to “Go see Wendy, she’s amazing.”  - Dale Suter

I was 21 years old and could barely put my socks on in the morning. Quite young indeed, yet so very trapped  in my own body. From a short lifetime of drumming, sports injuries, poor  technique at the gym, and living life, I felt as if I had the body of a 40 year
old ex-professional athlete. I had been in pain and discomfort for years and tried everything to remedy the situation.
I was just about ready to give up on my dream of being a professional musician (because
playing drums simply hurt my back way too much.) One day when walking out of
the gym, an advertisement for a free health seminar caught my eye. I attended and
met the woman conducting the seminar, Wendy Kennedy, and nothing in my life has
been the same since. After a few sessions With Wendy Kennedy and John
Squicchiarini of Montreal Muscle Activation, the pain that had been crippling
me for years was gone and I was able to commence recovery and regain control of
my body. I could now do the things I love to do without having to worry about
my body imprisoning me and failing me. After half a decade of distress, this
was a blessing! The process of healing at MMA was humane. I felt as if I
mattered and as if the health and well being of my body mattered. Throughout
the process, John and Wendy explained in clear and concise fashion what had caused
my body to be in the poor state it was in, why other treatments I sought for
years did not and could not work for me, and most importantly – where to go
from here and how to maintain my body and treat it properly so as to not have
it revert back to its previous state. Today, at age 23, I feel amazing, I feel
alive and the last thing I have to worry about on a day to day basis is, is
this going to hurt my back? Is my body going to make it thought this? With the physical clarity comes the mental  clarity. I wanted to be healed so badly that I feel as if the universe led me
on a path to finding John and Wendy. I credit them with the healthiness and thus
happiness I have today and I don’t know where I would be, and cannot and don’t
want to imagine where I`d be if it weren’t for John and Wendy.

Thank you,

Matt Bernstein

Personal Trainer

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