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A World without Pain

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Sports and fitness ran through my blood since I was young girl.  Throwing the baseball with my dad is one of my fondest memories.  Track and field, long distance running and gymnastics were all a part of my repertoire.  Becoming a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the age of 18 was only natural, and I was great at it!  When you do something you love so much, a job is always a pleasure. 


About 15 years ago I sent a letter to Dr. Robert Shadowitz, DC at the Snowdon Wellness Center concerning a patient that I was helping with back rehabilitation exercises.  I was concerned about her movement patterns, and since she was being followed by Dr. Shadowitz, I felt it prudent to make him aware of my observations.  The phone rang a few days after sending my communication, and Dr. Shadowitz was requesting a meeting with me to discuss my findings.  I began working at the Snowdon Wellness Center shortly thereafter, and Dr. Shadowitz became one of the most incredible mentors I have ever had the honor of learning from.  Inspired, I became a therapist to help people by mastering expertise gathered from around the globe.


Today, I am the owner and founder of Montreal Muscle Activation Clinic.  


I have earned the privilege to edit, author and present many courses for the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry.  Being a Master Level Personal Trainer and Post Rehabilitation Specialist, I enjoyed being the certifying instructor for personal trainers in the Montreal region.  Some of my qualifications a solid background in biomechanics, Muscle Activation Techniques, Touch for Health, Sport Therapy treatments as well as Brain Gym methods. I also worked for Action Sport Physio in DDO prior to founding Montreal Muscle Activation Clinic.  

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Martial arts training was introduced to me at a very young age, and my regular sparring partner was a stunt double for fight scenes in the movies.  "The need for speed" was familiar to me prior to the premiere of Top Gun as I raced motorcycles professionally.  Battling injuries was a rite of passage throughout my athletic career, a badge of honor.  This is not my way of thinking anymore!  Especially as a therapist.  "A world without pain", muscle stability and function are now my motto.


By holding a solid background in bio-mechanics, nutrition and sports training certifications it was a natural progression to author and teach the course "Sport Specific Program Design" for the fitness industry and become the certifying instructor in the Montreal region for canfitpro's "NUTRITION AND WELLNESS SPECIALIST" certification.  When I was introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques, not only did the science behind the methods make sense, but the results surpassed all expectations.  I began achieving even greater results with my therapy clients.


Today I am a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist, Post Rehabilitation Specialist, Sport Therapy Naturopath, Sport Nutritionist, Master Level Exercise Prescription Consultant travelling far and wide to amass the knowledge necessary to give the best treatment results.

IN PAIN?               Stop Suffering!

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